2014 Ultra Limited Review first 20,000 miles

I purchased my 2014 Ultra Limited in August 2013 the week before Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary. I bought the amber whiskey and black Ultra Limited from Southside Harley-Davidson in Indianapolis Indiana. photo We had plans to attend the 110th anniversary in Milwaukee Wisconsin leaving Indianapolis on Friday and I had just purchased the bike on Wednesday. Immediately I put the 4 inch Reinhardt’s on, swapped the seat for my old 2011 street glide seat and put Carla’s adjustable passenger pegs on along with floor board chrome covers and of course my highway pegs up front. photo 2 photo 1 photo 4 Wednesday evening was reserved for reading the manuals that come with the bike and Infotainment center. First thing you notice when riding the bike are the brakes. The linked braking works great. Linked brakes means if you apply the rear the front will come in proportionately until you are under 20-25 MPH and the same if you apply the front the rear comes on. Now add ABS and this bike scrubs speed off really quick and subtle. Acceleration took a little while because I was in the break in period so I was trying to be good. The infotainment center takes a little bit of gadget know how and some practice but worth the effort to learn. Bluetooth worked great playing music from my phone Carla’s phone and our iPad. I also used the USB cable to charge my phone and one of the other guys that went with us. The navigation worked great and was even somewhat impressive after using an old Garmin Nuvi 250 for years. The joystick controls on the handlebars worked great and you get familiar with them pretty quick. Learning the menus and knowing your way around takes a minute. After getting on the road for a while I played with the fairing vent a few times and noticed the calming effect when the vent is open I also noted the day I picked the bike up it started to sprinkle rain and the fairing vent was open and acted like a vacuum sucking the water off the windshield and sending it over my head. The combination of the quality speakers on the bike and the fairing vent leaves you riding down the highway taping your feet and bobbing your head. After going up the gut straight up through Chicago I did notice that I may have to move my highway pegs away from the vents off of the radiators the radiators definitely take some heat out of the motor I could feel it through my boots. When we stopped for lunch on the north side of Chicago I noticed that the other 3 couples where getting off their bikes looking like they had just left a sauna. I didn’t realize it until then that the Twin cooling was working and somewhat cooler experience for Carla and I. Back on the road into Wisconsin and wouldn’t you know it road construction. Hello navigation! The navigation took us right around the mess and straight to Ukes Harley for shopping, refreshments and entertainment courtesy of Bubba Blackwell. Last leg to Milwaukee the navigation took us right to the hotel without fail. After unpacking and a brief storm that just missed our hotel we again asked the navigation to get us to the first event we wanted to see and just as before worked like a champ. One note in the city using the navigation do not go over the speed limit or the warning for a upcoming turn may be to late. Just keep the speed limit and no problem. I had noticed on my 2011 Ultra Limited when loaded for a trip became a little, how do I say rebellious at low speed. Not on the 14 Ultra Limited this thing is on a rail at low speed as well as cruising speed. Occasionally I had to reach back to make sure Carla was still there due to the increase in space with the passenger backrest on the tour pack and the width increase between the rear speakers puts the passenger back enough that she doesn’t need to be right on my back which allows her to move and get comfortable during long rides. Saddlebag latches are the best things since sliced bread. Going through Chicago toll booths and forgot to have change handy, not a problem, reach down and flip the saddlebag open, grab the change, slap it closed and latch it all without stretching or having to get off the bike. One handed mind you. I had no complaints the whole time we were in  Milwaukee mechanically. The bike was outstanding and the navigation was impressive. This bike got a lot of attention from people at the 110th I bet I sold a dozen at least. By the way if you have never been to Milwaukee you are missing out. The city put on a great party and the locals were very friendly and if you enjoy having a cold adult beverage after a long hot day of riding Milwaukee is hard to beat, kind of like Broad Ripple (X 10). Very good food and the city is easy to navigate. CAFE BENELUX!! That’s all I am saying about that. I plan on going back just get a breakfast there! Time to head back home now I feel a little better pushing the new Ultra Limited a little harder. Torque Torque Torque!!! Man did I mention the Torque this thing pulls like a tractor and not just in lower gears get in 5th and twist your wrist and strengthen your neck muscles all in one quick motion. Fuel mileage was not tracked as well as I should have but it appears that I was getting around 40 combined city and highway during the first 1000 miles. What where the chances that my buddy, G, stopped on the side of the highway to take a picture of his odometer at 77777 miles and a few miles down the road I hit 777 on the 2014 Limited. G 777   photo Voluntary recall from Harley for the hydraulic clutch plunger and actuator issued. I never had a problem but took it in for the new parts. Seems as if there is a issue with the filler neck on the coolant tank that causes some bikes to pump coolant out on the ground. Again I have not had this problem but will go have the new parts put on as soon as the glaciers recede from the Indianapolis area, it’s a sweltering 14-Fahrenheit as I type this post. Now at over 3500 miles before the deep freeze set in all was well with the 2014 Ultra Limited and I even purchased a pair of Motocom half helmet or helmet less headsets. I haven’t had much time to try them out but the first try was very promising. In conclusion, I would say for about $2000 more than I paid for the 2011 Ultra Limited the decision to buy the 14 was a no brainier so unless your riding a 110 Screaming Eagle or better do yourself a favor and don’t even try, you might get embarrassed by the new  HO 103. See you in my mirrors. Now that I have ridden this bike to Milwaukee, Wisconsin within the first three days of owning it and a total of nearly 20,000 miles. I rode this bike from Indiana to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and stayed for 14 hours and rode her home. If my memory serves me I have ridden this bike across Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado,Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennesee.

DSCN0940 DSCN1040 DSCN1204

All I can say is this twin Cooled motor so far has been great and during the trip out west loaded down in full travel and Carla on back we got 50 MPG at times on the road. Other than the factory recall or product improvements program I have zero complaints and have become pretty good with the Navigation and Infotainment system. One of my favorite things about this bike is when its parked and guys gather around and talk about how they would never buy a first year run of a new engine or ever buy a water cooled Harley and they don’t know I am the owner. I just smile and look over at the $50,000 custom sitting alone with no one admiring it and think that guy is probably one of the guys looking at my stock out of the box bagger. Then when I let the cat out of the bag and speak up that this first year production of the twin cooled motor has so many miles in a short time and gets 50 MPG the reaction is priceless.-” Dam you been riding” or “My 2008 only has 12,000 miles” I just start in on the future trip plans and invite “challenge” them to come along. I won’t go run off and leave you as long as you keep up !!! I would say this is when we separate the men from the boys but the problem with that is one of the most hard core riders I know is a woman. Get yourself one of these as soon as you can!!! Thats my review in a nut shell.

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